Studio Recording `The Here and Now` Burnt Will

Some studio pictures of some of the gear used on the upcoming Burnt Will album `The Here and Now`
Amplifiers: Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier & Peavey 5150
The album should be released early in 2021.
Stay Tuned!

About Burnt Will:

Origin: International (GER, JP, US, CAN)

Years Active: 2020-present

Labels: Self-Released

Genre: Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Metal

Bernd Will
Timothy Reid
Frank Perrego
Billy LeCoq-Mauvais
Rob Glass

Previous Members:
Jorge Paulo

Burnt Will is a Rock Band formed through online music collaboration websites.

The project began in 2020 by German singer-songwriter Bernd Will.

The first single `My Mistake` was released under the name Burnt Will in 2020. Featuring Bernd Will (Vocals), Mike Mantecon (Lyrics) and Jorge Paulo (Guitars).

Shortly after, two more singles `Kiss me Baby` and `Driftin Wind` were released featuring Mike Mantecon and Scott C.Villnuve (Lyrics) and Timothy Reid (Guitars).

The debut album `The Here and Now` is due to be released in early 2021. It features 13 songs including remastered versions of the singles `Kiss me Baby` and `Driftin Wind`. Noticeable stylistic features of this album include heavy use of extended range instruments such as: 7-string guitar and 5-string bass. Demanding technical musicianship and sing-along choruses. Lyrically the songs range in topics from Love and Death to Political and Social themes. The line-up features Bernd Will (Vocals, Keys, Programming), Timothy Reid, Frank Perrego and Billy LeCoq-Mauvais (Guitars), Rob Glass (Bass) and Michael Mantecon, Jodeen Clantz, Scott C Villnuve and Mitchel Miller (Lyrics).


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