Album: A Light Behind the Eyes

Year: 2020/11/11
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Timothy Reid & Mykal Daley. Recorded and Mixed at Daily Ites Beats.

Track Listing

  1. A Light Behind the Eyes
  2. Dynomite
  3. Through The Wormhole
  4. Diamond Eyes
  5. Thirty Three
  6. Song for Heather
  7. I Remember When

All tracks Composed and Arranged by Timothy Reid (Except Thirty Three Written by Timothy Reid and Peter Rand)
Guitar Timothy Reid
Vocals Bob Campbell (on Diamond Eyes)
Piano/Keys Raymond Van Melzen, Ryo Okumoto
Bass Izumi Naoya, Rob Glass, Jon Garcia, Steve Fox, Phillipe Pansard, Matt Watts
Drums Bill Ray, Yu Murakami, Andrew P, Jay Carros, Brian Henry
Saxophone Dan Rosati

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Album: Peace of Mind

Year: 2017
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Katsuya Minamikawa. Recorded and Mixed at K-Station Studios Kobe, Japan March/April 2017.

Track Listing

  1. Peace of Mind 3:40 (Reid)
  2. Eastern Wind 5:13 (Reid)
  3. Breaking Point `Produced by Fox Stevenson` 5:08 (Reid)
  4. Runaway Lovers 3:08 (Reid)
  5. Fly by Wire 4:47 (Reid)
  6. L8NCY Feat, Yabori Koichi 5:52 (Reid)
  7. Requiem 4:20 (Reid)
  8. Winning Run 5:32 (Reid)

All tracks Composed and Arranged by Timothy Reid
Guitar Timothy Reid
Piano/Keys Toshie Koishihara
Bass Katsuji Morioka
Drums Yoshinori Yamamura
Strings on `Winning Run` arranged by Toshie Koishihara
Guest Guitar on `L8NCY` by Yabori Koichi
Production on `Breaking Point` by Fox Stevenson

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Album: Absolute Magnitude

Year: 2016
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Katsuya Minamikawa.
Recorded and Mixed at K-Station Studios Kobe, Japan April/May 2016.

Track Listing

  1. Indigenous 7:17 (Reid)
  2. Low Action, High Tension, feat Yosuke Miyake 6:14 (Reid, Fujino)
  3. Drones feat, Kenji Inoue 5:53 (Reid)
  4. Highland Party 2:44 (Reid)
  5. AWAKENING 7:23 (Reid, Fujino)
  6. Absolute Magnitude 6:24 (Reid)
  7. Woolley Jumper 7:27 (Reid, Fujino)
  8. All I Need 7:24 (Reid)


Click the song to listen to sample:

      Woolley Jumper SAMPLE

All tracks Composed and Arranged by Timothy Reid and Takaoki Fujino
Guitar Timothy Reid
Piano/Keys Takaoki Fujino
Bass Katsuji Morioka
Drums Yuu Murakami
Guest Sitar on `Drones` Kenji Inoue
Guest Guitar on `Low Action, High Tension` Yosuke Miyake
Guest Bass on `Highland Party` Steve Fox


Album: Hybrid Sonic

Year: 2015
Produced, Engineered by Izumi Naoya & Timothy Reid
Recorded and Mixed at Izumi House 1127 Studio.

Track Listing

  2. MASON GROVE 6*48 (Reid)
  3. NANBA JAM 6:35 (Reid)
  4. HYBRID SONIC 4:53 (Reid)
  5. STRUNG UP 4:55 (Reid)
  6. MEMPHIS 4:11 (Reid)


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All tracks Composed and Arranged by Timothy Reid.
Guitar Timothy Reid
Piano/Keys Takaoki Fujino
Bass 泉尚也
Drums 崎山翼 : (M-1.3.4)
Drums 三夜陽一郎 : (M-2.6)
Drums Emi Yonekubo :(M-5)
Guest Taisho Koto Yuki Maegaki (M-2)


Album: Electric Zen (Re-mastered Demo)

Year: 2011
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Armandary.
Recorded and Mixed at Armandary Studios, UK 2011.

Track Listing

  1. Goodbye (For Now)
  2. Crossing Oceans
  3. High Hopes
  4. Enigmas & Riddles
  5. Serendipity
  6. Electric Zen
  7. Your Eyes


Click the song to listen to sample:

      Goodbye FOR NOW SAMPLE
      Crossing Oceans SAMPLE

All tracks Composed and Arranged by Timothy Reid.
All Instruments performed & programmed by Timothy Reid
Piano/Keys Jonathan Armandary (M-6)
Bass: Dan Russell (M-4)



ALBUM: Shred Alliance

ARTIST: Wayne Calford
DATE: 2014
Timothy is featured as a guest soloist on Track.6.

  1. Return To Tabernacl (Feat. Per Nilsson)
  2. Spirit Of Guitar (Feat. Michael.A.Ruelas)
  3. Speed Thrills (Feat. Michael Angelo Batio)
  4. Fretburn (Feat. Simone Mularoni)
  5. Shred City (Feat. Nick Sandt)
  6. Valley Of The Cursed Guitar (Feat. Timothy Reid)
  7. Legacy Of Shred (Feat. Dave Bowes)
  8. Epical Guitar Quest (Feat. Jacqui Taylor)
  9. S.O.S (Strings Of Solace) (Feat. Rodrigo Tabare Fernandez)
  10. Day Of The Shred (feat. Pete Pachio)
  11. The Ghost Of Cadno Music (Feat. Gareth Calford)
  12. Shred Rising (Feat. Andy Rosser-Davies)
  13. The Guitarstrophe (Feat. Doug Steele)
  14. Making A Stand (Feat. Kyle Watherston)


ALBUM: Audacious Terrain

ARTIST: Steve Fox
DATE: 2013
Timothy is featured as guest guitarist on Tracks 1 & 5.

  1. I’LL BE WITH YOU feat. Timothy Reid
  5. CRAZY HEART feat. Timothy Reid
  10. AFRAID


ALBUM: Orion`s Ashes

ARTIST: Infinity Driven
DATE: 2019
Engineered by Naoto Murata, Mixed & Mastered by Timothy Reid and Jonathan Armandary.

  1. We Stay Alive
  2. Orion`s Ashes
  3. Crimson Sea Part.I
  4. Tears In Dreamland
  5. Happy Ending
  6. We Stay Alive Acoustic*


ALBUM: Rudimental Sound

ARTIST: Roberto Rabosio
DATE: 2020
Mixed and mastered by Roberto Rabosio at Stradivari studios Giussano (MB) Italy
Timothy is featured on track 2 & 5

  1. Theory Book
  2. Play on it
  3. In Memory
  4. The Bear Tower
  5. Hanging Bicycle
  6. National Road 36
  7. The Valley of Time
  8. Mountain Village

ALBUM: About Us

ARTIST: Peter Rand
DATE: 2020
Timothy is featured as on track 5

  1. Lily
  2. Be Who You Want To Be
  3. Girl From Africa
  4. Looking In
  5. One Last Time feat.Timothy Reid
  6. Hold Still
  7. Remains of Greatness
  8. Mountain Village
  9. 10 Summers Late
  10. My Reality
  11. Just a Prayer

ALBUM: Kiss Me Baby/Driftin` Wind (EP Single)

ARTIST: Burnt Will
DATE: 2020/11/12

  1. Kiss me baby
  2. A Driftin Wind

ALBUM: Show Me Where I Need To Be

ARTIST: Nigel Passey
DATE: 2021 TBA
Space Kid Records 2020, Mixed and Mastered by David Leighton at RiverRun Studios.
All songs written and recorded by Nigel Passey,
`I Wont Let You Down (My Love)` co-written and arranged by Nigel Passey & Timothy Reid
`Safe In The Dark` co-written and arranged by Nigel Passey, Joeseph Dunwell & David Dunwell,
Nigel Passey-Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Vocals & Backing Vocals
Timothy Reid- Electric Guitar
Danny Lewis, Josh Hammond-Bass Guitar

  1. Built To Last
  2. Beauty, Faith & Love
  3. Don`t You Leave
  4. I Won`t Let You Down (My Love)
  5. Wake Up
  6. Safe In The Dark
  7. For Me, Please?
  8. Scrapping Knees
  9. Safe From My Soul
  10. Loved & Lost
  11. You Are The Reason (Feat,Brad Johnson)
  12. Whatever Happened?

ALBUM: The Here and Now

ARTIST: Burnt Will
DATE: 2021/1/28
All Tracks composed by Bernd Will,
Lyrics by Jodeen Clantz, Mitchel Miller, James Tanner and Soctt C.Villnuve
Bernd Will – Vocals, Drums
Timothy Reid – Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Rob Glass – Bass
Frank Perrego – Lead Guitar 3, 8. Rhythm Guitar 2.
Billy LeCoq-Mauvais – Rhythm and Lead Guitar 13

  1. It`s In Your Way
  2. Plant The Seeds
  3. To Believe and Grieve
  4. Kiss Me Baby
  5. Nowhere All At Once
  6. Driftin Wind
  7. One Moment Of Truth
  8. Trustee
  9. Hero Of My Story
  10. All Lives Matter
  11. War No More
  12. Here`s To A Better Future
  13. Look The Other Way

ALBUM: Don`t You Leave (Single)

ARTIST: Nigel Passey
DATE: 2021/1/29
Music and Lyrics by Nigel Passey
feat Timothy Reid-Guitar

  1. Don`t You Leave

ALBUM: Losing My Mind (Single)

ARTIST: Burnt Will
DATE: 2021/7/9
Music and Lyrics by Burnt Will
Bernd Will – Vocals
Timothy Reid – Guitar
Jim Bryan – Bass
Ben Theobald – Drums

  1. Losing My Mind

ALBUM: Sons of Alerik (Self-Titled)

ARTIST: Sons of Alerik
Mixed & Mastered by Jim Simmons
Composed by Timothy Reid, Jeff Bragg, Chris Bouchard & Jon Garcia
Lyrics by Jeff Bragg, Chris Bouchard & Simon Wright
Jeff Bragg – Vocals
Timothy Reid – Electric, Acoustic Guitar & Keys
Jon Garcia – Bass
Chris Bouchard – Drums
Kevin Hartnell – Additional Keys