Infinity Driven Debut E.P `Orion’s Ashes` 2019/10/26 発売

Infinity Driven `Orion’s Ashes`
Catalog no. IDB191

Track List
1: We Stay Alive (3:30)
2: Orion’s Ashes (4:34)
3: Crimson Sea Part. I (5:10)
4: Tears in Dreamland (4:45)
5: Happy Ending (4:50)
6: We Stay Alive *Acoustic Ver. (3:54)
Total Running Time 26.03

2019©Infinite Driven All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Copying, Hiring, Lending, Public Performance and Public Broadcasting of this CD Prohibited. Produced in Japan.

We Stay Alive Music -Timothy Reid
Lyrics -Yusuke Kawagishi
Orion’s Ashes
Music -Timothy Reid
Lyrics -Yusuke Kawagishi
Crimson Sea Part. I
Music -Timothy Reid
Lyrics -Yusuke Kawagishi
Tears in Dreamland
Music -Timothy Reid
Lyrics -Yusuke Kawagishi
Happy Ending
Music -Timothy Reid
Lyrics -Yusuke Kawagishi & Timothy Reid
Spoken Word –Daniel Heidenreich

All Music Composed by Timothy Reid
Lyrics Written by Yusuke Kawagishi
Vocals recorded at P4 Studio, Osaka
Co-Produced by Daniel Heidenreich Kamil Chaabna & Brian Okane
Mixed & Produced by Timothy Reid & Naoto Murata
Album Artwork and logo by Takako Yab

uYusuke Kawagishi –Vocals, Backing Vocals
Timothy Reid –Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Programming
Tim Miller –Electric Bass
Hisanori Oishi –Drum-Kit
Daniel Heidenreich –Backing Vocals, Spoken Word

Special Thanks
D`Addario, PRS, Ibanez, BC Rich, Planet Waves, &K Laboratory, Korg Japan,Mesa Boogie, Yamaha, Shure, Eastwest, P4 Studio, Aaron Walker, Daniel Heidenreich, Kamil Chaabna, Brian Okane & Arigatou Gozaimasu to you for reading this message and picking up our first CD. Please stay in touch and let us know what you think! All the best, Yusuke, Timothy, Tim & Hisanori (#InfinityDriven #InfinityDrivenBand)www.facebook/com/infinitydrivenbandInstagram/InfinityDrivenBand Twitter: @InfinityDrivenYoutube: Infinity Driven


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